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The Importance of Recording With a Professional Engineer

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We live in a digital age that allow consumers access to everything that is needed to promote and work as "professionals". Whether it be camera equipment for photographers and videographers, construction equipment for contractors or even tattoo equipment for artists; to name a few. The access to these tools versus the operator having the experience to fully understand how to use them is scary. The bright side to this is that we all have the ability to purchase, rent or borrow all the required tools to become something we have always wanted to become. The downside is there are many people marketing themselves as "professionals" without the real experience and understanding of how to fully implement these devices.

Audio recording and production is certainly no stranger to this phenomenon. Just go to and you can buy everything you need for your home studio. Again, it's fantastic to have these options. Yet, are the users proficient in the science behind sound and acoustics? Do they understand proper signal flow? Heck, can they explain how a compressor really works? Maybe. Maybe not.

Audio Engineers - experienced Audio Engineers - have had their minds and ears trained in understanding everything from proper microphone placement, proper wiring for signal flow, preamp selection for capturing sound for the desired effect and, of course, mixing it all together to have a cohesive and sonically pleasing outcome. This is their job! Most Engineers come from musical backgrounds so their knowledge of appropriate tuning, music theory and performances have been refined with the added know-how of recording. Let them focus on tweaking the knobs while you (the artist) focus on your craft. You as an artist is the most important element in a great production.

As music lovers, we would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact us for a free consultation on your next project. Both

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