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Studio B

The newest addition to the Vocal Ink Production compound, Studio B, aka The Vault, adds a spacious control room with a more compact/intimate recording booth. Studio B is the perfect solution for smaller sessions that may not require a lot of inputs (vocals, acoustic guitar, VoiceOver, etc.).




A/D - Universal Audio Apollo x4

DAW: Apple Logic Pro, Pro Tools (Current Versions), FL Studio.

Monitoring - Focal Twin6 Be Monitor Speakers

Preamps - Focusrite ISA II, Vintech Audio X73, Avalon 737

Compressor - Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X

Microphones (Available in both studios) - (2) Neumann u87, (2) Neumann TLM 103, (2) Neumann KM184 SDC, Mojave Audio MA-300, (2) Shure SM81 SDC, Shure SM7B, (4)  Shure SM57 (2) Rode NT5 SDC. 

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