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Studio Policies

All sessions will require a deposit of 50% for scheduling. The remaining 50% is due upon arrival. 

Total billable time to mix and/or master recordings will be determined at the time of service. (Payment for mixing and/or mastering may be required in advance.)


If mixing and/or mastering is to be done at a later date after the recording session, the Engineer will provide Client with a quote based

on the estimated time that will be taken to complete the mixing and mastering process. Upon accepting this quote a 50% deposit is required before Engineer will begin mixing and mastering. Clients are also welcome to book a “Mixing Session” if preferred. 

In the event of loss to or damage of Clients recording media due to willful negligence, Studio shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the total replacement cost of the unrecorded tape and studio time to date devoted to said recording media. 


Clients recording media left on premises 60 days after completion of the last recording session or service shall become the property of Studio if all monies due Studio have not been paid.


In the event Clients recording media have been stored on-premises, Studio shall not release said media until all monies due Studio have been paid.


Receipt of recording media from Studio to Client is an acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of all services rendered by Studio is satisfactory to Client and shall release studio from any and all liability regarding said recording media and services rendered. 


Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Studio property incurred by Client, employees of Client, guests of Client, or agents of Client acting under Client's instruction, as a result of misuse, negligence, and or carelessness.


Cancellation Policy: If the Client cannot keep their appointment, 24 hours notice is required.

*a fee may be required for sending session files, track stems, creating radio edits, DJ packs or other edit requests.




Studio time is booked by appointment only via phone or email. Due to the high-clientele volume, walk-ins are not possible.

A deposit equal to 50% of the projected studio time is required to book time.

Deposits for canceled/rescheduled sessions will remain valid for a period of twelve months.

Once this twelve-month time frame expires, the deposit will be voided.  

Deposits are non-refundable.

Session cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance per day scheduled.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours before scheduled session will be considered no-show and will render any deposits void.​

The billing of a recording session begins at the start time agreed upon during the booking. It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes early and sit in the lobby until the session before you are done.  Please do not enter into someone else’s session.

Engineer will cancel any session after 30 minutes of scheduled time if client does not arrive.

In the case of bad weather conditions or emergencies, exceptions will be made for rescheduling.

Submitting a deposit and scheduling a time and date for the session confirms you have read these policies and secures and confirms the session time.

For larger production sessions, we will discuss project details 2-3 days prior to the scheduled session to coordinate set-up and a plan.

If the Artist and Studio are able to extend session time longer than the projected end time, make sure you are able to pay for the extra time in full at the end of the session. (Studio time will be charged by the quarter hour and pro-rated)

No copies of recordings, masters or multi-track files in Vocal Ink Production’s possession shall be released to the client until all open accounts have been settled and all checks tendered as payment has cleared.

If mixing and/or mastering is to be done at a later date prior to the recording session, the Engineer will give you an estimate of time/amount and the agreed payment amount will be solidified at that time. Mixes will be sent to Client for review but will only contain a portion of the song. 

Time MUST be made at the end of the session to burn CDs or transfer files before the session end time.  It is likely that other Clients will be arriving after your session and it is important to respect their time and not intrude on their scheduled session.

Payment is required upon completion of each session.

Cash, Pay Pal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Debit/credit card are all accepted payment options.

Fees: 4.0% convenience fee may be added to credit card, debit card & Pay Pal payments for all services.




We welcome everyone and their guests! However, we encourage you to take strong consideration when inviting friends or family.  Sessions tend to flow much effectively when there are fewer people in the studio. The more people you bring, the more distractions there will be. Distractions can cost you money and take away from your focus. It is also more difficult for the Engineers to focus on mixing and editing with extra voices involved. For the best possible experience and product, it is strongly encouraged that you bring along people who will benefit you and your music. We want you to have fun in your session, however, we have experienced clients waste a lot of time in the studio because they brought a large group of friends who made no contribution to the production/creative process.




In some cases, tech set-up and studio prep will occur the day before the session. Studio will endeavor to ensure everything is set up and ready for the band to walk in and get started with very little set up on your part. This normally takes an hour of time which is included in the first invoice.  Feel free to discuss these details with your Engineer and they will be happy to explain why this is a good idea for all involved!




Bring a hard drive so we can transfer your session files and materials when the project is complete so you have your own back up of the work.  Session backups and archives of finished projects will remain in the studio on separate hard drives; however, if a hard drive fails and any files are lost, the Studio is not liable for lost files.

Charge all of your electronics upon arriving at the studio and bring a charger with you. It is a creative buzzkill if you use your iPhone to read lyrics, it dies, and there isn’t a charger.

Write and practice your music beforehand! We are here for you no matter what and we are more than happy to assist in writing, performing or any other “production” involved. However, it is always best practice to have your material well-planned and rehearsed prior to entering into the session. 

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