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The location that started it all... Our flagship studios... The OG... 

Studio A boasts a large live room for our bigger sessions, as well as a plethora of microphones, high-end preamps and compressors for virtually limitless recording options. 

DSC07859 resized 2.jpg

Equipment List: 

A/D - Universal Audio Apollo x8

Monitoring - Adam Audio a77x Monitor Speakers

DAW - Apple Logic Pro, Pro Tools (Current Versions), FL Studio.

Compressors - Emperical Labs EL8x Distressor, Vintage DBX 165 and DBX 165A (circa mid-1970's),  DBX 160XT (Pair).

Preamps - Avalon 737 (10th Anniversary Edition), Vintech X73, Universal Audio 4-710, Focusrite ISA 428, Warm Audio 412.

Effects - Kemper Profiling Amplifier, Vintage Yamaha SPX 90 Multi-Effects.

Guitars: American Standard Fender Stratocaster (2011), Gibson Les Paul Studio (1999) Schecter PT Tele (1985), Fender Standard Stratocaster (SRV Relic),  Taylor c314 Acoustic, Fender Precision Bass.

Drums - Vintage Yamaha Maple Studio Custom, Zildjian A-Series Cymbals, Ludwig Supraphonic Snare.

Microphones (Available in both studios) - Lauten Audio Eden (2) Neumann u87, (2) Neumann TLM 103, (2) Neumann KM184 SDC, Mojave Audio MA-300, (2) Shure SM81 SDC, Shure SM7B, (4)  Shure SM57 (2) Rode NT5 SDC.

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